Ever noticed that lots of your favorite strains are actually named after awesome people? From athletes to actors, cannabis is branching out — and we like it a lot.

It all makes sense, considering that cannabis is something of a performance-enhancing plant. It achieves this by freeing your brain and your body enough to tap into your true abilities. And that’s pretty freaking sweet.

So take a look at your local dispensary for any of these strains. You can be sure they’ll help you become a celebrity in your own life.


Obama OG

We’ve gotta start with the Presidential stuff! What higher quality could there possibly be than this plant? Turns out, a few — it only pulls down a 4.2 out of 5 rating on Leafly — but at least it’s got the good looks of our liberal leader:

Photo: theweedblog.com

Photo: theweedblog.com


Miley Cyrus

Once rumored to be transmitting secret Illuminati messages to our dear old Prez, Miley Cyrus was a close second place on this list. Actually, I’d be surprised if Miley hadn’t had a strain named after her — she’s def not afraid to smoke allll day, every day.


Chuck Norris

One word: Duh.


Casey Jones

First the Grateful Dead wrote a song about him. Then, somebody named a weed strain for Casey Jones, who heroically tried to stop his passenger train from a deadly collision — but perished in the process.


Dirty Harry

With a fresh piney taste, this bud won’t make you feel dirty — unlike its namesake’s travails. But it might make you wanna take on some dangerous adventures, a la the San Francisco cop (played by Clint Eastwood).


Peyton Manning

This Broncos quarterback probably doesn’t get high, considering that he’s an NFL player, and there are serious consequences when they medicate. But the fact that there’s a spectacular strain named after Manning helps fuel our argument that some athletes actually play better when they’re stoned.


Snoop OG

Cross Lemon OG with Sour Diesel, and whaddya get? Why, Snoop OG of course, for the real King of Weedstagram.


Charlie Sheen

This one deserves a tip of the hat for sure. Fortunately for all you smokers, blazing Charlie Sheen won’t inspire you to enjoy a public breakdown and subsequent meltdowns for basically the rest of forever…

Can you tell we miss the original Two and a Half Men?


Khalifa Kush

Bred at the request of rap genius Wiz Khalifa, this strain can be found near any city or state where medical (or recreational) pot is legal. It smells and tastes a lot like OG Kush and it’ll make you feel most of all relaxed and happy. This one is worth a go.


JB Kush

This strain is reportedly named for Justin Bieber, which we find funny ’cause who’d wanna brag about smoking the same stuff as baby Biebs? Still, we have to wonder whether a puff off that pipe could leave us with a net worth of $200 million. Hey, a stoner’s gotta hope.

[Image: theweedblog.com]

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