We go back in history to find some of the best fights across basketball. This is some of our favorite fights and we wanted to see what you think.

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  1. Rajab Celestin

    He tried the right people. Swaggy ain’t wanna see those Morris twins at
    all! He threw a punch at Dragic even after of of them Morris boys pushed
    him lolol.. 

  2. Nicolas Alcalde

    This commentator is a complete moron. That is a big guy pushing with both
    hands into Young’s face. He didn’t make any play for the ball and it was a
    hard fall. I would have swung, any player out there would have swung, and
    that dumb ass announcer would have swung too. 

  3. issa5021

    How is that not a hard foul? I just don’t see how that is a clean foul by
    Len! My goodness this commentator needs to open his eyes.

  4. Damien Claxton

    youngs team mates suck. didnt even run in to stop shit
    ……or help him fight lol

  5. TheRoseExperience

    Nick Young is a bitch, flexing and shit. Take the foul and go to the line.
    You embarrassed yourself and hurt your team.

  6. rod long

    wow we cant even enjoy a basketball g ame anymore because they call fouls
    every 30 seconds now, i mean you cant even foul anyone in the nba anymore
    it might turn into a flagrant… hasnt anyone ever heard of a strategical
    foul??? He dont even fould him that hard and soft ass nick young jumps up
    like hes gonna do something…. if this was street ball”swaggy P” would get
    his swaggy ass beat. Softest player in the nba but thinks hes the greatest

  7. dolphinfootball23

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. Nick Young is a FUCKING PUSSSSSSYY!!!!!!!!!!!! What a
    fuckinngg PUSSSSSSSYY. This fucking pussy hit Dragic and than ran to the
    fucking bench!!! LMFAOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait until Nick Young get’s in
    LeBron’s face like that. That’s going to be fucking awesome. Nick Young
    will shit his fucking pants.

  8. Wes m

    man fuck this shit. I’m glad that laker team is in the past!!! the rest of
    the team didn’t even defend nick..!! they all just standing/walking around
    after the altercation like.. “chill nick.. like wft you doing man??” yet
    ALL the suns swarm around nick once the altercation started, AND ONE OF THE
    MORRIS TWINS even shoves nick after nick shoved Len. & DRAGIC even got
    involved a bit. geez man, pathetic soft ass team we had that year, they
    didn’t even back each other up like teammates are supposed to do.. worst
    laker team ever.

    anyways I’m glad nick stayed with LA afterall. Also i wish he wouldn’t call
    himself swaggy p, cuz that nickname is a joke, nick can actually play.
    maybe if he joked around less people would take him serious.

    Don’t even get me started on the suns announcer.. lol.

  9. Slyshooter10

    So at first this commentator says it isn’t that hard of a foul, but then
    shortly after he says it is a hard foul? I don’t like this commentator.
    Most of what he said was just really stupid and unnecessary. 

  10. ChilloutSessionZ

    Pussy P is your name, and both morris brothers snatched your ass, and what
    do you do ignore them, than when you see a white man you immediately punch
    him, you wonder why your stereotyped black people.

    You can never break the cycle no matter how much money you have.

  11. ntwa dumela

    what a temper tantrum little bitch, so you tried to posterize somebody in a
    dunk but got sat back the fuck down on your own dumbass, get over it.

  12. Peter Barta

    This is comming from Lakers fan and that was dirdy on nick Young’s part
    just typical black that thinks he’s in charge of everything.

  13. zerogeass21

    biased announcer. it was a hard foul to the head. going to dunk doesn’t
    mean you get fouled hard. nick young reacted appropriately but then he took
    on the whole suns. dragic is dirty anyway

  14. coriontatereed

    Nick young pussy he swung on dragic but wouldnt swing on the morris
    brothers, especially the one that was pushing him

  15. Logan Ferguson

    This video if anything proves how bad local announcers are. They are so
    stupid and completely blind. This goes for EVERY team, even my favorite
    teams. Local announcers SUCK.

  16. B Mashburn

    Dude, if you’re just going to two-hand club a guy to the face then you
    shouldn’t be on the basketball court. Totally justified reaction by Swaggy
    P in my opinion. There was absolutely zero attempt to block the shot – only
    take a guy out. Totally uncalled for. 

  17. kuissi0

    These suns commentators are idiots Len hammered him in the face that’s a
    hard foul. Then Young gets pushed by like 2 other people and he’s
    surrounded by the suns. I would of just started throwing haymakers if I was

  18. Aerialdefense

    Suns Commentating Staff wins MTC (Most Terrible Commentators) Award for the
    first time in history after The Heat won it every year. Congrats Phoenix,
    you have the worst commentators in the NBA! 

  19. WookieNutSack

    LOL Nick Young didnt want anything to do with the Morris Bros and went
    after little Dragic instead. 

  20. Ken Neth

    not a fan of either player but this commentator obviously doesnt like nick
    young. terrible commentating by that guy already jumping to conclusions
    before the replay. nick got hit in the face and knocked down. i would be
    pretty mad too if someone did that to me. 

  21. Kush Cloudds

    How is the announcer say Swaggy P is overreacting because its not a hard
    foul, then say ” yea its a hard foul so what?”. Biased much? That clearly
    wasn’t a play on the ball and Nick was aiming for the guy who fouled him
    and got in his face after; not the baddest niggas (Morris) on the court who
    is irrelevant to the play made. Wish the Lakers had Metta World Peace to
    keep it G

  22. rockytophummer

    How did Barkley popping Laimbeer not make list. Or when Meta World Peace
    decided to show his peace in the Stands


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