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  1. SpliFliZarD

    hey bud i have a strain that is beyond frost a strawbwrry cough Nyc diesel
    . It looks like Afgani kush with purple calyxes spotted throughout .When
    you break it up it you cant get it off your fingers. The best strain ive
    ever seen smells sandalwood hash & A heavy peppermint pattie profile .going
    to show it off soon .making a viddie tonight.FTG.

  2. Matt Mernagh

    it’s the Big Buddha Blue Cheese…i’m going to work at getting breeders
    name more into my writing / videos.

  3. Chaos Jesus

    Nice bro! I’ll be curious to see what your opinions are on the Critical
    Jack, I have five Dinafem CJ girls at day 60 getting the chop real soon,
    they were an absolute dream to grow. It would be cool if you could include
    the Breeders name in your strain reviews, like the Blue Cheese for example,
    is it, Dinafem, Barneys, Big Buddha? I know their all basically Cheese
    (Skunk #1) crossed with blueberry but can vary greatly between breeders.
    Keep up the great work Matt!

  4. SpliFliZarD

    ghanja greetings & Stoner salutations hey Matt its Spliflizard ZacniX
    FatherTiMeGeNeTiX This is my new channel bro Sub me back bro Peace &
    cannabis grease! SpliFliZarD


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