It’s summertime, or close to it (the solstice, or longest day of the year, is coming up on June 21st–so the days are getting longer and the nights, shorter). And the living’s easy, not to mention the smoking.

As cannabis is legalized in more and more places, breeders are coming up with more and more strains for every occasion. Sleep, wake, study, eat, work out, garden, play music, write. You can do all of these things and more with the aid of a kind bud.

Most of all, there are countless strains that complement a beautiful summer day, perhaps one spent hiking or practicing hot yoga, or even lifting weights. Check out our list of the top 10 strains to smoke this summer, below.

Grape Ape

What better to smoke in the summer than a strain that you can blaze all day without suffering from couchlock? Burn Grape Ape during an intense hike, or while you’re chilling at home with your laptop. Either way, your mood will be just as smooth as the taste.


Source: Sticky Guide

Strawberry Cough

A favorite of mine, Strawberry Cough’s got that springtime/summery taste of, well, strawberries. When you take the first hit, it’ll conjure up images of the beach, spring meadows, and sunny skies.


Source: Google

On second thought, you should probably double the fun by actually bringing this one with you to the beach for a little medicated volleyball.

Lemon Wreck

With a strong taste like Lemonheads, Lemon Wreck is the ultimate summer evening strain. Don’t smoke this one before going out and getting active, but once you’re back home to relax for the night, pack up that bowl!


Source: 420 Magazine

At first, you may feel excited and creative–but soon enough, that couchlock’s gonna kick in, and you’ll doze off while crickets chirp outside. The perfect end to a perfect day, non?

Mr. Nice

Tasting just as nice as it smokes, Mr. Nice is a great option for a midday pick-me-up. Mellowing you out, this strain always leaves its users relaxed and happy. Because it’s summertime, and you ain’t got time to feel stressed out.


Source: Bud Genius

Purple Haze

People describe Purple Haze’s effects as taking them to a whole new level (one Leafly commenter raved, “almost psychedelic!”), which is exactly why it’s so perfect as a summertime show companion. Bring these purps with you to a concert, and you’ll never feel alone again. Definitely better than a beer for sharing those sweet summer nights, am I right? Just be really sure whether you’re okay to drive after.


Source: Bud Genius

Gorilla Glue

These crystal-studded flowers are equally fun to look at, smell, taste (okay, we didn’t actually do that) and smoke. With a chocolate-pine tastes, it’s almost a Christmas-sy strain, but that’s precisely what makes it so fun to blaze in the summer.


Source: Sticky Guide

After toking up, you’ll likely feel incredible. Also, incredibly mellow. A++, would smoke again.

Charlotte’s Web

This one–the patron strain of epileptic and autistic children everywhere–may seem a little strange as an addition on this list. But as an anxiety sufferer, I was amazed at the total lack of paranoia that resulted when I smoked up with Charlotte.


Source: Kaya Collective

For that reason, it’s totally perfect as a workout aid. Take a few hits before a long lifting session for extra energy. Or relax before your long, hot cardio sesh–you’ll probably find yourself taking deeper, more refreshing breaths once you get started.

God’s Gift

Every time I blaze God’s Gift, I feel like I’m making a sacrifice to some Rastafarian deity. To tell you the truth, this citrus/grape/hashy blend is truly the bomb. With up to 22 percent THC, you’ve got to bring this one to a picnic or a casual sports game. It’ll spice everything up for sure.


Source: Bud Genius

Pineapple Express

It smells as fruity as a smoothie and it’ll leave you with just as much energy. No wonder this was the favorite strain of Seth Rogen in the movie of the same name.


Source: Sticky Guide

Not only that, but Pineapple Express will melt away any depressive thoughts like they never existed. Which is perfect, because nobody deserves to be sad in the summer.


After you take a hit of Afgooey, your body will be in flux, deciding whether to give in to the plant’s stimulating qualities–or its heavy sedative ones. Maybe you can do both with a long stretching session, or an afternoon of gardening in the back yard. Or maybe, you can just enjoy a round of summer munchies. The seasons may change, after all, but Taco Bell is forever.




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