I believe every avid stoner has had to sit down and look around to see who has actually made something of themselves through a haze of smoke. Some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, designers, politicians, athletes, and activists are huge pot consumers, leaving the sticky green leaf to be a huge driving force behind their endeavors. As long as the main goal or purpose of these industry leaders is clearly set in stone then marijuana’s influence brings in a unique perspective that forms creativity and a drive for a unique form of success.

There is no reason that pot consumption should hinder the drive that a true innovator has lying within them and at this point in today’s modern society it is not something to be frowned upon, especially because of the trail blazers that put the plant on the map as a form if organic relief to the world’s everyday trials and tribulations. Being a stoner and innovator myself, whether I’m looking to Mcguvier a carefully fashioned homemade piece or a well written article, we set out to put together a carefully devised list of the greatest names in American culture fueled by a love for cannabis products. Following us as we explore the top five most pot worthy industry leaders on their paved way to success below:



Snoop Dogg


Coming in at the bottom list due to the fact that it’s basically just been his persona from day one to smoke pot, Snoop Dogg has influenced many throughout the music and Marijuana community.



Lebron James


The NBA All Star and Cavalier bread winner is definitely an avid pot smoker as well. With his continued success and multiple championships he has become a big influence on the game.



Seth McFarlane


As the creator of modern day cartoons that have paved the way for laughs around the country and even the world, it’s only fitting that the mind behind Family Guy and American Dad would be a pot consumer.


Rand Paul


As the son of Ron Paul of the Green Party (no pun intended), Rand Paul is an activist towards marijuana who plans to abolish extended periods of incarceration for the substance.



Bill Gates


Last but not least, Bill Gates topped our list as the innovator behind Microsoft and Windows, blazing the trail for modern day computer technology, fueled by pot of course.


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