There are a ton of different ways to run a dispensary, or in this week’s case, multiple dispensaries. Cannabis in Colorado is big business, and this week’s dispensary featured in the dispensary review is definitely cashing in on the crop…by diversifying.

Tru Cannabis is the new name for four of Colorado’s budding dispensaries with locations in Denver on Colfax Ave. (formerly Colorado Care Facility), Aurora, Berkeley, and Commerce City (formerly Metropolis). While DnD will get to all four eventually, this time we’ll be focusing on the one on the outskirts of Denver on Ironton Ave. (formerly Metropolis).

Come In, Sit Right Down

The front of house of Tru Cannabis – Ironton seems like an entrance into an all-night dance club. The room encountered immediately upon entering is just big enough to house a person or two, a window to show ID, and – since it is cash only – an ATM. Although it feels cramped, the host(ess) at the window will quickly usher you into a much broader seating area that more closely resembles an upscale and clean doc’s waiting room than a common dispensary hangout.

Take some time to enjoy your surroundings and peruse a magazine or two, because that same host or hostess that let you in will quickly usher you further down the hallway to the rec room. Rudimentary chain-links are removed from the open doorway to allow access to the beautiful buds, edibles, and concentrates Tru offers. An upgraded velvet rope would do better here for ambiance rather than a chain of what appears to be paperclips, but that very well may come later.
The advantage to these barriers, however, is that once inside them, Tru Cannabis – Ironton only serves one patron at a time. You have the entire stock of glass cases (of emotion) to yourself.


 Clip Them Coupons

While the Tru Cannabis – Ironton location may be a bit further from downtown than most dispensaries, and therefore a bit of a chore to get to fromdaily specials Denver proper, a quick Google search shows it’s one of the closest to DIA.

This branch of Tru Cannabis is obviously geared toward the incoming tourists, rather than locals living in LoDo. But do not fear, Denverites, they cater to your needs, too by commonly advertising for select $20-30 1/8ths out the door in the Westword.
Finding a print version of the Westword between the DIA terminal and the Ironton St. location could be a challenge, and a pain in the ass at the very least, but never fear, Tru Cannabis’s daily prices are still comparable to any other rec shop. Specialty, flagship buds not to be missed include 303 Kush and Bordello.

So, whether coming from DIA or downtown, be sure to give Tru Cannabis – Ironton a shot if for no other reason than to experience standing alone in a recreational cannabis shop in Denver. That just doesn’t happen every day.

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