In 2012 the recreational use of marijuana became a reality in Washington State and Colorado. Fast forwarding to 2015 there are now 23 states that except the medical use of cannabis along with four states; Washington, Colorado, Maine, and Oregon who have approved the recreational use of marijuana.

20 years ago, only one in four citizens of the United States believed that marijuana should be legalized. Now a staggering 58% of the country believes the herb should be approved as a legal substance.
Throughout this twenty year study conducted by Dr. Wayne Hall of the University of Queensland, it is shown that Marijuana has increased in average potency over the years as well sky rocketing from 2% to 8% or more.

1) It’s physically impossible to overdose on Marijuana.

This has been a key piece of information that stoners have been backing up their past time with for years.

I for one have never had any kind of scare or seen a situation where someone overdosed on the plant due to the fact that they would surely pass out beforehand.

Apparently through Dr.Hall’s study it would take between 15 and 70 grams of weed consumed for someone to overdose.

2) Marijuana impairs fine motor skills.

As any Stoner will tell you, it’s a pretty average occurrence to drive high. Unfortunately through Dr. Wayne Hall’s study its now proven through double blind research that driving while under the influence of Marijuana actually doubles your risk of being in an accident.

3) You can become physically addicted to Marijuana.

This is a pretty interesting subject, as the moniker of being a stoner would be smoking weed every day. The only first hand addiction to Marijuana that I’ve seen would be the slew of dab based obsession that’s been occurring throughout the country since legalization has begun to pop off.

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