In just a few weeks Nevada will bloom it’s first few cannabis crops. Warehouses across the valley will be filled with the sticky green leaf and it’s all starting to form in Southern Nevada. Business licences were distributed by the state in November and companies that were approved have been busy preparing buildings, crops, and getting ready to open their doors. It’s actually pretty interesting that Voters in the state of Nevada first legalized medical marijuana in 2000, but the state never established a formal system for growing and distributing it until now. Patients have been growing their own plants for personal use due to the fact that it’s important for them to get their fill of the natural remedy, especially since it took the state almost 2 decades to establish dispensaries.




In 2013 lawmakers approved dispensaries, growing facilities, and labs on a statewide basis. Although it took two years to write rules create applications, and establish licenses, Nevada’s first dispensaries are finally touching down. Clark County will be opening a total of 40 dispensaries but they won’t open for a few more months because they have to wait for their marijuana to finish it’s growing process. When the process is complete and the stores are open for business, The medical Marijuana industry within Nevada will be heavily regulated. With the amount of gambling and liquor regulations that have to be upheld in Nevada (Las Vegas specifically), it’s not surprising that it will be a tight knit system. Only people with one of eight specific illnesses can qualify for a medical marijuana card in Nevada. you either have to have cancer, glaucoma, AIDS or conditions that include muscle spasms, seizures, severe nausea, severe pain or wasting.

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