With Venice Beach being a major tourist attraction you can find marijuana dispensaries on every corner. Most of them are post-ico and are their for the money and not for the sake of their patients especially with all the tourists coming through that city. Anyways Venice Beach Care Center, is one of the marijuan dispensaries that have been in the Venice since 2006 meaning they are pre-ico and will be around as long as they choose.
So I have been to this dispensary a few times in the past and have never left disappointed with the quality of the flowers. But when it comes to prices $72 an 8th is way too much no matter how long you have been around or the quality of the flowers. They do offer 520 if you mention weedmaps but still that puts you at a average of above $55 for an 8th that you can get much cheaper. When I asked them about it they fall back on being pre-ico and having to pay taxes. Thats not that true because DC Collective is pre-ico and they do not charge nearly as much at Venice Beach care center.

Beyond the prices, this is one of the better marijuana dispensaries in the area. they have great volunteers who really know their products and treat their patients like family. If prices is not an issue for you or you just enjoy being treated right then this might be the place for you. Like I mentioned earlier I have never left disappointed with the quality just unhappy about paying so much. I think Im not the only one because a lot of people on weedmaps seem to have the same issue. If you guys follow them on twitter they do have specials they run for their twitter followers.
I have listed the contact info below:
Venice Beach Care Center
410 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Hours: Sun. 11am-7pm Mon-Sat 11am-8pm

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