Medical marijuana has led to a lot of dispensaries opening around la county. Some of them survive while others end up getting closed by the government or because of their lack of quality product. One of the better known collectives, Venice Medical Center has been one of the top collectives for a few years now.

Just like most of Venice the collective is on a busy city street so parking can be difficult. Once you get in you can instantly smell the goodness. For years the quality of the marijuana coming out of this place has been consistent. They offer everything from indicas to concentrates and have a decent variety. The budtenders are friendly and most of them are knowledgeable and can help you make the right decision. Some of their better known marijuana strains include herojuana og, Khalifa Og, King Louis Og and their original VMC Og which has always been hitting for me. They also carry og raskel genetics by payaso grow and that alone made it worth making the trip for me. Since Im a huge fan of indicas, I commonly go for those but they also had a large variety of sativas and hybrids that were looking and smelling amazing. Actually one of the times I went in I tried their sour diesel and headband, they were good but not as amazing as the og’s.

The first time I went in the signup process was easy and efficient. As long as you have your rec. and dl they get everything done within a few min unless they are busy. On top of great service they always offer amazing FTP specials. When I went it was a free gram of your choice and a small piece. VMC also has daily specials that include a 45 cap on fridays among other specials throughout the week.

Compared to other dispensaries I would recommend Venice Medical Center. Their prices might be slightly higher than other places but you get what you pay for here. If you can base your needs off of their specials you usually get great deals which make it even better.

The contact info is listed below:

Venice Medical Center
9636 Venice Blvd suite A
Culver City, CA, 90232

Hours: Sun-thurs 10-10 Fri-Sat 10-12

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