Valley herbal center is another great dispensary located in sun valley. For some reason this area has a lot of great dispensaries at excellent prices. The marijuana dispensaries out here are always in competition with each other to have the best quality and prices.

As usual when I first got here I had to go through the signup process, it was quick and easy. The ftp deals were amazing. I got to choose any 8th I wanted and it was only $25 and on top of that they give you some goodies. The marijuana strains varied and they had whatever you could think of. Many of the indica strains I looked at were sticky and smelt great so I ended up grabbing some of the Superman Og and I was not disappointed at all. The only complaint I have about this place is its lack of concentrates. If you are a dabber this is not the place to come, they don’ have many choices for concentrates but they do have fire marijuana that will leave you feeling real good.

Tenders were professional and knowledgable about their product and I did not get the feeling they were trying to rush me ors ell me on some poor quality marijuana. They were honest and let me know which marijuana strains were the freshest and what not. So when Im in the neighborhood and want some bomb flowers I go to VHC dispensary, check out the contact info below:

Valley Herbal Center

Hours:10-8 everyday

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