When you think of a person who smokes cannabis, who comes to mind?

It’s not likely that you’ll think of an elderly woman doing her first bong rip. But in reality, as medical marijuana becomes more and more prevalent in the U.S., older women make up a significant percentage of patients who treat their conditions with cannabis.

“I feel like I’m smiling!” one woman says. Another adds, as they try to play Jenga, “I didn’t know you could use all your hands!”

These grandmas who smoke marijuana on videotape are doing great things for legalization. Not only are they helping to end the age of marijuana misinformation, but these ladies are in turn encouraging their peers to turn to a more natural solution when they might otherwise choose prescription pain pills or man-made mental health drugs.

These women are the very embodiment of informed choice. Watch their journey below.

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  1. Will

    I love these grannies , he finally progresses mankind ( faith in humanity restored : , )


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