In a video from entertainment giant TMZ, Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant accidentally dropped a bottle of what looks like prescription pot while leaving a club in Hollywood.

Check out the footage below:

People everywhere are weighing in on the video, which doesn’t necessarily constitute proof that Durant’s been smoking the good stuff — although it sure looks likely.

If Kevin’s been gently medicating with our favorite green friend, we commend him for choosing a safe way to party. Plus, it’s looking more and more sure that cannabis could help boost our health and fitness. And if it’s really Kevin’s scrip, maybe the star needs the medication for any one of the many conditions it’s been shown to improve, from migraines to anxiety or insomnia.

Back in February, Kevin hurt an already-tender foot during a game against the Mavericks, knocking him out of the competition for the rest of the year. In the meantime, it’s entirely possible that cannabis could be just what the doctor ordered.

Either way, this video brings up some interesting questions. Plenty of NBA players have been smoking weed in the off season since basically the beginning of time, and because Durant is out with an injury, that’s basically where he’s at.

But this footage might be a little more controversial if the player in question were currently in the middle of finals. As much as we love weed, it affects everyone differently, and some people feel that cannabis can cloud judgment in high-pressure situations. Other people think that it counts as a performance-enhancing drug, and thus should be banned from the courts.

What do you think? Should NBA players get to use weed, in the on-season or off? Do you think it’s Durant’s pot, and does it matter? Do you think the Durant prefers a stoney indica or a fruity sativa?

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