Virginia will always be the last place that you would expect pot to become legal in any form whether its for medical or recreational purposes. The state is an originator when it comes to laws and probably ranks in among the most unprogressive places that you could be in, with loads of regulations holding down the people who reside there. On the other hand there are lots of small children as full grown adults that are residents of Virginia who unfortunately suffer from epilepsy which can be treated with non intoxicating forms of marijuana that can stop seizures in their tracks.

Luckily on Tuesday the Republican heavy house of delegates made a unanimous 98 to 0 vote towards approving the CBD oil in Virginia for medical use. This will allow the parent of epileptic children to posses a sanctioned amount of CBD oil in order to administer the substance to their children as needed.Senate Bill 1235 is definitely a great step towards medical cannabis use in Virginia, medical cannabis use for Cancer and Glaucoma patients has been legal in the state for years but this is a new form of consumption that should open up more progressive doors for VA.

At the moment there’s no statewide program ion place so no physician in his or her right mind would even think of writing a prescription for CBD oil due to the off chance that they might be persecuted federally. The new law does have a loophole, Along with permitting the possession of CBD, the bill will also change the current medical Marijuana Law allowing patients to only require a cannabis certification to posses the substance. Virginia is a very oppressed part of the state and if the citizens of the state can find a way to put medical marijuana on the black market they will jump at the chance. This is a huge fear while changing the regulations on medical marijuana for lawmakers but with children s lives at stake there’s no choice. The legislation is currently being reviewed by the senate who passed a similar measure last week, 37 to 1. If it can get past this step then the bill will end up on the desk of Governor Terry McAuliffe where it will be either Vetoed, approved, or sent back to the delegates to edit and rework.

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