Just a year ago, Washington was easing into its first months of regulated, taxed cannabis. Now, authorities are realizing that the endeavor’s been a great success.

According to the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the tourist-heavy territory enjoyed over $70,000,000 in local sales, excise, and other taxes in just twelve months of legal adult use of cannabis. Basically, dissenters may as well just shut their mouths already.

These taxes can now go to schools, public health, infrastructure repair, public safety (yes — you know, like the police), and whatever else the state deems worthy. Plus, it’s almost twice as much as the state thought it’d make in this first year.

The Huffington Post reports that more than 11 tons of cannabis were sold in the state, both to locals and out-of-towner tourists. In the same time, dispensaries unloaded more than 700,000 edibles.

So how high is Washington state flying? Quite a bit, but in a good way. The cannabis industry, which is shaping up to be worth tens of billions within a few years, could even provide a much-needed economic boost in the form of jobs.

Of course, the other kind of “economic” boost — straight to the cranium — can do our country a lot of good as well.

[Photo: weedactivist.com]

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