Hundreds line up for legal pot in Washington state
AP PHOTOS: How marijuana goes from garden to store
Cannabis March: Washington Sells its Soul for 0 Million
Who’s next? Pot changes won’t stop with Washington
Buyers line up at first legal pot shops
Washington state pot store a hit

Washington pot buyers cheer first legal sale
Marijuana goes up for legal sale in Spokane
Washington Pot Retailers Slow To Open
Hundreds turn out at Seattle’s first recreational pot store; City Attorney buys, too
First Retail Marijuana Stores Open In Washington State

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8 Responses

  1. meatOFTHEmind...mainSTATION.

    Bout time…but now they will do what they did with tobacco…

  2. vserrano1710

    I didn’t watch vids of legal pot in Seattle or Denver for the longest lol
    mostly out of pure jealousy. They are pioneers. I hope they legalize it in
    Illinois. I hope they do it in my lifetime. 

  3. Tyler Ramsey

    There will obviously still be a black market until they lower their prices

  4. JS8700

    Hopefully Oregon and Alaska join Colorado and Washington today. Plus it
    will be big to get Florida on board for medical usage. 


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