It is no secret that the drastic increase in CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and other sources created by the human race is rapidly changing the climate. I’m not merely stating this to get into a heated discussion, for there is nothing to discuss. Climate change (aka Global Warming) IS occurring right before our eyes. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Originally, the Climate Change phenomenon was known colloquially as ‘Global Warming’. This has since been proven a bit of a misnomer, since all extremes – hot, cold, wet, dry – are affected by CO2 emissions.

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture plant physiologist Lewis Ziska, the original warming piece of the Climate Change puzzle could be the driving force behind massive changes in the world’s landscape.

Growing Northern Lights by the Northern Lights?

As quoted by Dan Sullivan for The Daily Climate;

“Ziska’s research points to weeds in North America (many medicinal plants are considered weeds) migrating north as temperatures warm.”

I’m sure the portion in parentheticals did not slip by you. Marijuana can very well be the exact plant Ziska is referencing. It could also be a wide array of other medicinal plants that contribute constituents to many common pharmaceutical drugs.

Either way, the message is clear: many weeds, including marijuana, that are typically grown and cultivated further South (read: Mexico, Central America, tropical South America) in the current climate could very well migrate North (read: North America) if the climate continues the way it has been going in recent memory.
This could mean weed growing wild all across the U.S., including Northern states such as Washington and Maine and even up to Canada, in the very near future.

Sure, anyone who has disposed of a seed from a pickup outdoors could probably tell you marijuana already grows naturally in many places in the contiguous U.S., but the more the global temperature increases, the more North marijuana can naturally grow and more abundant it can grow at lower latitudes.

Pot Potency Plummets?

Having wild marijuana plants growing in an abundance currently saved only for the likes of Afghanistan, India, and Africa here in America would be a dream come true. But according to Ziska, it may come with a price.

“Rising CO2 levels will also likely impact the efficacy of various medicinal plants differently,” Ziska said.

Could the globe really get so hot that pot potency would suffer? Possibly. It makes sense when Ziska further explains the chemical changes a warmer global temperature has on the world’s plants.

“If [current medicinal plants] have a lot of nitrogen relative to carbon, such as nicotine, their [medical abilities] may fall,” he said. “Conversely, if the compound has less nitrogen, like artemisinin or morphine, the [medical abilities] may increase.”

Personally, having marijuana growing in abundance in the backyard at a lower THC concentration would be my preference over a constantly increasing concentration of THC as is what is occurring with marijuana, now. That would mean pretty dire consequences worldwide, however, so that is merely a pipe dream.

You can learn more about Lewis Ziska’s research here.

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