So we thought we’d make this video to those people who are newer too marijuana who might not know about the different kinds out there , and the fact that it is possible too get different types of highs from different types of weed.

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  1. MrLonelyStoner

    @kangaroodave56 You don’t see Ruderalis around because it is just a mini
    marijuana plant that can’t achieve high levels of THC, not even levels that
    would be beneficial. That why you have to cross it with an Indica and/or
    Sativa to make it good.

  2. kangaroodave56

    This video says that indicas are better for medical use. This is true for
    pain and stimulation of appetite, but not so for glaucoma and muscle
    spasms. I would check into Ruderalis too, but you don’t really see those

  3. Gabe Z-C

    bubba kush purple kush cali mist mother tree maui wauie those are the only
    ones i smoke. btw im in seventh grade and i get all a’s and i used to get
    shitty grades but now i smoke weed and im a straight a student. dont hate
    cuz im young cuz its obviously helping so shuttup

  4. theREALdrugfacts

    @Galvahnize and at everyone else who asks this sort of question , please
    look at the links i have put in the video description . Some of them
    include great sites where almost every strain is listed with its info ,etc

  5. lordproctor0

    Sign this petition to end marijuana prohibiton

  6. perronnov

    So just to simplifie, there is a ying strain and there is a yang strain.
    One acitivates more manly energies (thinking on a different scale), the
    other loss of self(I´m too high, wasted). And then there is a mix of the
    two. right?

  7. brothafromanothamotha

    @gammainn I meant to say the same thing, Cannabis Ruderalis plants are very
    short and autoflowering, they have lower THC %-s.

  8. Haley Carter

    i go for sativa during the day n when i need to sleep at night i smoke

  9. theREALdrugfacts

    @g2g144 Ya kinda . Sorry .. i know its pretty low even by our standards . i
    guess it kinda gets the message across though ? lol


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