Ladies, listen up.

I hate to say it, but science has confirmed that you’d better pace yourselves with that bong.

A study performed on rats by Washington State University researchers found data suggesting that women build up tolerance to cannabis faster than men.

Researchers think that this rapid gain in tolerance might possibly be linked to addictive tendencies.

Previously, research has shown that pharmaceuticals like Ambien are way more potent for girls than they are for guys. So it’s not really a surprise to see similar effects in cannabis, even though it’s not a man-made drug.

The study tested rats’ pain relief from THC. When the trial started, the female rats were more sensitive to THC. But 10 days later, the females needed more THC to reap the same effects as their male counterparts.

Of course, whether cannabis can be truly considered “addictive” is a source of much controversy and debate. Still, like any other substance (food, I’m lookin’ at you) that causes dopamine to fire in our brains, it’s easy to make it a habit, and sometimes hard to break it off.

For now, though, we don’t know enough to draw any conclusions. Except that T-breaks may be a little more useful to stonergirls than they are to dudes who dab.

[Photo: Tumblr]

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