The thing that’s so easy to forget about weedporn is: it comes in many shapes and sizes, and all of them are beautiful.

For example, not all buds are green. Not every one is dotted with high-THC trichomes or dense as hell. Those are just perks that come with the territory.

We’ve seen our share of crazy orange, yellow, purple, and chartreuse buds. Of course, we’ve also seen lame brown weed (thanks to college on the east coast), but there’s no reason to ever look at that schwag again.

What’s your favorite color and style of weed? What characteristics would you breed if you could? Leave a comment to let us know, and check out some super colorful pictures just below.


Some buds come in cigarette packs…


While others grow tall and purple:

C'monnnnn! #purps #purple #suspendedbrands #tbt #ovo

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Whole forests exist


Only to be cropped and rolled into tantalizingly twaxxy joints

What a beautiful day ^_^ Hope you all are having a lovely afternoon 🙂 #RollOCB

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Smoke the rainbow, dude… or dudette.

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