This Valentine’s Day, I hope my boyfriend surprises me with a bouquet of flowers — but I’m not talking about roses.

Let’s face it: weedporn is way better than traditional flowers. Why can’t the bride toss a jar of weed to a lucky bridesmaid at her wedding? Why not offer beautiful weed arrangements at fine dining establishments? After all, it’s a flower with a real function.

Of course, once you start smoking it, its beauty won’t be quite the same. But I’d argue that its new form is just as gorgeous as the old.

Check out our weekly weedporn digest — our favorites and yours — below.


Recipe for a great night



Extracts make the world go ’round


Who would you smoke this Twax bowl with!? #TwaxGang #PotPorn

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Cats + weed = yassss





Chocolope, another one in @luckyshamrock42o's latest harvest. Pure beauty! #nugshots

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A nug so big, it has its own shadow


Damn, Sour LA! Grown by @luckyshamrock42o #nugshots

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SO twaxxy


Closer look at that joint ^_^ Lezberado flower and shatter 🙌 #TwaxGanG

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OMG — that’s Dab Vader!


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