In November 2012, history was made when marijuana was made legal under Colorado law. Known as Amendment 64, the new law was passed with 55% of the votes. It was put into place on 10th December 2012 and it basically states that: Adults who are 21 and over can grow and possess a limited amount of marijuana for private home use.

Marijuana is now regulated, distributed and taxed a little like alcohol from October 2013.
The sale, cultivation and processing of industrial hemp needs to have a permit from the state legislature.

It’s worth noting that there is a limit on the amount of marijuana a person can legally grow and possess at home. This limit is one ounce of marijuana and up to six plants grown at home. It’s also worth noting that Amendment 64 does not relate to the medical use of the drug. There are different laws you need to follow if you’re using marijuana for medical purposes. Medical use of marijuana laws Medicinal cannabis laws fall under Amendment 20. This law was brought into place by 54% of voters on 7th November 2007.

What is Amendment 20

It states that approved patients could legally use cannabis providing they have medical written consent. If you’re considered one of the approved patients you can legally possess anything up to two ounces of marijuana. Like Amendment 64, medical patients can grow up to six plants at home.

However, only three mature and flowering plants can be present at any one time.
Depending upon the patients specific medical needs, doctors can argue that more than the legal limit might be needed.



Conditions that are considered for the use of legal medical marijuana

These conditions include these and more:
Chronic pain
Multiple Sclerosis
If you are an approved medical marijuana patient, you won’t be allowed to use it in public or in plain sight. The cannabis also cannot be provided by a pharmacy; it has to be given by a specialized caregiver. It is available in seeds, in varying strengths and contained within actual food products.

Understanding Amendment 64

The whole purpose behind Amendment 64 is to help the police focus upon more serious crimes. A lot of manpower was being used tackling adults aged 21 and over who possessed small amounts of marijuana rather than focusing on more violent, serious crimes.

There were around 10,000 Colorado residents arrested each year for cannabis related offenses. Most of those related to possession. Amendment 64 was brought in to lower this figure and free up police resources.

Overall the legalization of marijuana for adults aged 21 and over is said to be a huge boost to the state of Colorado. It’s less dangerous than alcohol and it is helping to reduce crime rates in the state. Only time will tell if other states and countries follow suit. Just remember that Amendment 64 does not change the laws for medical cannabis.



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