I never would’ve thought that the team to rant and rave about would be The Golden State Warriors. After having a great year and with Stephen Curry garnering the most votes for the 2015 All-Star Game and helping the Golden State Warriors run through the regular season and NBA Playoffs to win it all.

Steve Kerr credits the tight bench that the team had going, making sure to put players in rotation correctly and offering everyone a chance to shine which easily keeps up morale, a key part of playing a strong game of basketball.

“Couldn’t imagine this, I knew we’d have a good team, but to be where we are right now is remarkable.” said Coach Steve Kerr.

The Warriors’ reserves were averaging 35.4 points while outscoring their opponent by 5.6 points per 100 possessions for a stretch during the NBA regular season.

During the season Barbosa, a veteran guard, told reporters after a game:

If we had one or two guys who were selfish and wanted to start, it wouldn’t be a good situation, We don’t have that on this team.

It’s amazing to see a team that has based their main call to fame in glory on the bench thriving their way to a NBA Championship. I think that a strong set of players who don’t actually start is almost like a sleeper approach to a solid game. After watching them play team ball throughout the whole 2015-2016 Season you understand how they earned the top spot for the NBA’s Efficiency leaders for the Season.

Golden State Warriors Efficiency Leaders

Source: goldenstateofmind.com

In most cases the so called “Benchwarmers” in the NBA might be rookies or players who have not gotten the chance to show their worth. As the main players on both sides begin to get tired and substitutes are thrown into the game the Warriors keep up the momentum and actually begin to trump the competition with their lesser known players.

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