Damon Harge (Class of 2018) is a freshman who’s already making waves around the basketball scene.

Check out his vol. 2 mixtape that impresses even NBA Cavs star Kyrie Irving, above.

25 Responses

  1. Kam Malik

    I don’t understand why people hate on him cause he’s good and why they have
    have a problem that he reclassified because he doesn’t even play in his

  2. frank datank

    So stiff arming someone in the chest isn’t an offensive foul? I understand
    that you can use your off hand to help get you away from a defender, but he
    just punched the kid at :25

  3. Axel Ferguson

    This kid will be the #1 point guard in America in his class. And he
    starting to get that lil cockiness in em which u got to have cuz ppl gone
    find out who u are and try to take ur name and talk trash to get u out ur

  4. Basketball Skillz

    Damon Harge got them handles, ballers better watch out for this young dude!
    he’s breaking ankles at light speeds. Damn he’s fast! #Basketball
    #BallHandle #AnkleBreakers 

  5. LiquidTechnique

    i hope this guy knows how to shoot. it be a damn shame if he got all that
    skill but cant shoot. shooting is the most important skill in basketball.

  6. 1974spr

    WOW this kid is an AMAZING dribbler. Control, court awareness and speed.
    This kid is incredible.

  7. Noah Thomas

    Lil skin head short nigga ain’t no what to do. Started tap dancing trynna
    gaurd him. Put him on skates. Looked like he wearing socks on a waxed
    floor. I’m gonna start calling him Damon Ankle Destroyer Harge , god damn


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