Word on the street is that Seattle just got a new cannabis vending machine. In other words, your days of waiting around for a dealer to call back are finally over.

The new vending machine, known as the ZaZZZ and provided by American Green, can only be found inside medical marijuana dispensaries. And right now, it’s only available at Seattle Caregivers, although a similar machine has already been in use in Colorado since last April.

But it’ll still help quicken your roll when you’re waiting in a long line for your medication. And more importantly, it helps normalize the use of cannabis in our society.

Photo: King-TV Seattle

Photo: King-TV Seattle

After an employee checks the patient’s ID, he or she can proceed to check out the machine, which contains buds, edibles, and other merch. One of its coolest features is that it’s climate-controlled, so your marijuana — and your medicinal edibles — won’t go bad, well, ever.

While this invention could be way cooler if made available to the public at large, especially in a state like Washington where recreational use of marijuana is legal, it makes sense that America’s not yet comfortable with what some might see as a cannabis free-for-all.

But every little bit helps when it comes to legalizing marijuana, and in a time when the leafy green plant is gaining traction for medical use across the board, these machines go a long way to prove that patients are totally capable of taking care of themselves.

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